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Pt 2 My method of drawing an anime girl by NeonKitsune16 Pt 2 My method of drawing an anime girl by NeonKitsune16
Here is pt 2 I hope ur not giving up.>,< u can do it!!!!

How to draw Body Features (female)
• I always start on the face because in my opinion it is easier to start from head to toe.
• We start out with the upper eye lid. You first draw a little away from the middle line and above the line that goes across the face.
• The next step is to draw a little curved line a little below the circle that is under the cross line.
• The eyeball is next. Lightly draw circles inside your character’s eyes. Now, we are starting to see a face.
• Next comes the eyelid crease and the eyebrows. The eyelid crease is always a few centimeters from the top of the eyelid. Lightly draw a small line for the eyelid crease. For your eyebrows is another few centimeters from the eye lid crease. The eyebrow is at least the same length as the eye from edge to edge.
• The nose is easy, go a little ways down to where the circle line and the divided line meet, and draw a little pointed bump where the two lines meet.
• The mouth is the easiest; you can drawn any expression on a character, but for now let’s just have her smile. Go a few centimeters from the bottom of the nose and lightly draw a small curved line with the edges pointing a little upward to show a beautiful smile.
• Hair is the where anyone can be creative for any cartoon character and in anime style as well. Where I start is to first find where the hair’s part is. In the picture shown on your directions, it is closer to the eye on her left. We first draw a little way past the eyebrow, and draw a slightly and incomplete triangle, only touching the edges of each of her eyes.
• For hair around her head, you must be sure you draw a few centimeters over the circle of the head so it doesn’t look like it’s glued on the character because then it just looks weird. In many cases, make the hair style simple for your first few drawings. For the bangs and the edge of the bottom part of her hair, just lightly go with the angle on the forehead and stop at where the other lines meet at the top of the other hair circles meet. For the bottom part to the hair, lightly draw curved spikes as shown in the diagram step # eight.
• Next, redraw the chin with a little bit of a darker line so it doesn’t disappear on us.
• You also must darken up the outer lines of the neck and outer lines of the shoulders shown in the diagram.
• Next, darken up the outer lines from the shoulder down to the wrist.
• This next step of the hands is one first-timers have the most trouble with, and I would know from seven years of experience. Hands are difficult when you first start out, so don’t expect that they will be perfect on you first try; it takes a lot of practice. The hand I drew on my character is in a fist, so to draw out a fist, you curve the wrist to the knuckle of the hand so you know where the hand starts to end. Then you start with the fingers. I would start out with the thumb, so I know where the bottom of the wrist is. Find the line that you drew the arm to the wrist where shown in the diagram # thirteen behind the girl, and draw a curve and stop about where the thumb meets the knuckle. If you look at your hand now, your thumb is touching a little above your knuckle. Using your hands will help you figure out how to draw them. As for the fingers, which are the killers to all newbie’s, you start from the knuckle and lightly draw a slant as seen on the diagram, and do the action with your hand so you can get the measurement of where it begins and ends by the thumb.
• Next is the chest. Well, we are doing a female character so the breasts are simple enough for some beginners. The female breasts are curved and a half complete circle on her chest, as shown on your diagram. On the upper part of her chest is like a bump, never draw a female’s breast as a triangle or squared. I have seen many new cartoonists/newcomers art that start out making the female body look boxy. All females are curved on the chest and the hips to show their hourglass figures.
• Next is the collar bone. The collar bone is located on the upper part of the chest and a little below the neck. Lightly draw a little straight line and drops to a small curve, and then you draw an angle connected to the bottom of the curve of the collar bone to a little ways up the neck, as shown in the diagram.
• The next is the clothing; this is when your creative side comes to play. For now, we’ll just stick to a easy clothing such as a tank top-looking shirt. As shown on the diagram, look at the way it’s on her body. It’s not too baggy and it gives a nice flow on the edges to show off her curves.
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wheres part 1?? I wanna see it after I saw this! >w<
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